9. apr. 2011


Sometimes you have to just let go of the painful love, and old memories that not deserve a place in your heart . And the people who no longer deserve to be on in your life anymore. Although it can be difficult to take such a decision, and let they go..but it is sometimes the best thing to do..Some people may feel bound and trapped without being able todetach themselves. Sometimes you just have to break away, but after all the scars will always be there.
And dreams will never disappear, even the bad .. It is so important to gather all the love you get from the people in your life that makes you well, and as you know, your best. Who appreciate your achievements, and may praise you when you've done something you are proud of.
Take care of all the loving people that help you in the right direction, but not those who lead you in the wrong direction.I will always remember all those who have helped me along the my way , to became the person I am today, even those I don`t talk to anymore.. It is important to forgive in your heart, and let go. The people I have in my life right know, is the people I love and take care of, and who I wish the best in life for..Life is too precious to bear grudges, love those who give you love in life!

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  1. I am so agree:)

  2. Åå,så vakkert skrevet.Ble nesten litt rørt jeg!

  3. Kunne ikke vært mer enig Veronica:D

  4. Teksten passet godt til sangen. Elsker alle sangene fra Bulesque,fikk tårer i øynene første gang jeg hørte den. Christina har så nydelig stemme<3

  5. Stilig bilde av deg ;) Og elsker sangen <3


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